Negyem Adonoo


ネジーム・アドヌは、1987年7月6日に西アフリカのガーナに生まれ、ガーナの代表的美術学校であるGhanatta College of Art and Designの絵画科を卒業し、ガーナを拠点に活動するペインターです。
2021年12月、ガーナの首都アクラでの初個展「IN DEEP THOUGHT」で鮮烈なデビューを飾り大きな評価を得ました。この個展で彼は、アフリカの若者―“99の1%”という自身の人生観の探究に努めました。ネジームは、雇用機会の欠如、教育システムでの失敗、家庭の問題、薬物乱用、実利主義のプレッシャー、購入できる住居の欠如、否定的固定観念、24時間にわたる社会的ネットワーク上の犯罪、その他多くの問題における、彼自身、あるいは友人の経験を探求しようと努めたのです。

Born in Ghana, West Africa on July 6, 1987, Negyem Adonoo is a Ghanaian-based painter who graduated from the Ghanatta College of Art and Design, a leading art school in Ghana.
In December 2021, he made a spectacular debut at his first solo exhibition “IN DEEP THOUGHT” in Accra, the capital of Ghana, and received great acclaim. In this solo exhibition, he sought to explore his own view of life as African youth – “1% of 99”. Negyem Adonoo describes the lack of employment opportunities, failures in the education system, family problems, substance abuse, utilitarian pressures, lack of affordable housing, negative stereotypes, 24-hour social network crime, and much more. He sought to explore his own experiences, or those of his friends, in the matter of
The faces and skin of the figures in Negyem Adonoo’s paintings are usually drawn using a binary code made up of tiny dots over a charcoal coating. In order to emphasize the energy within the body, the artist’s deep sensibility is directly reflected through his unique style of expression, which is customized with colors that give off a stronger voice, and a dot painting technique that is drawn in a rich and reassuring form. I’m here.


2023 ” I Hear in Colours” – PREFERE art gallery – (日本)
2022 ”4×4+1” – Group Exhibition at Chilli Art Projects, (ロンドン)
2021 ”In Deep Thought” – Solo Exhibition at The Fitzgerald – Kalizma Art Consultancy – (アクラ)
2021 Debut Gallery Exhibition – Efie Gallery – (ドバイ)
2021 European Union – “In Dialogue” – Alliance Francais, (アクラ)
2020 Group Exhibition – The Accra Art Fair – Untamed Empire, (アクラ)
2018 ”Let Art Heal Your Soul” – Stanbic Heights, (アクラ)
2018 ”DM 77% Speaks to 23%”, Accra International Conference Center, (アクラ)
2017 ”Dis-Stereotype” – Untamed Empire, (アクラ)
2015 Kuenyehia Trust for Contemporary Art – Shortlist – 2015(アクラ)